Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am desperately trying to win a contest myself, so I'm going to ask for your help, and give a little something in return. I need clicks (from unique IP addresses...and if you don't know what that means, don't worry about it! =) to this URL: Harmless videogame advertisement. Only one click per day (per IP address) counts.

I'm going to have a drawing for a prize...entries are based on you helping me. Heck, if I get something good in my contest, I may get generous and draw for multiples. But I promise at least one of you will get to pick a prize from the following:
For the knitters/crocheters, your choice of one of the following:
1) Sock Sampler - one skein of Austermann Step and two skeins of KnitPicks Essential Kettle Dyed in Jay

2) Lamb's Pride - My finished Cable Sampler Bag and the remainder of the Lamb's Pride Worsted (to be honest, I'm not a mohair fan; that's why I'm giving away the bag!)

3) Swirly Scarf - one skein each Lion Brand Homespun and Moonlight Mohair, bought to make a potato chip scarf (but of course you can do whatever you wish!)

4) Crocheted Purse Delight - one skein each Lion Chenille and Caron Fling, each with a crocheted purse pattern on their labels

For the stitchers, your choice of one of the following KITS:
1) Eileen Bennett's Little Green Acorns

2) Shepherd's Bush Garden Roll AND Just Nan's Christmas Treasure Box (opened to look at goodies, but everything's there)

3) Flower Thread Company (Meg Thompson Shinall)'s Sampler Pouch

4) Indigo Rose's Stella

So, here's what you need to do to enter:

1) Click here (or above): Harmless videogame advertisement

2) Post a comment to this post only saying you clicked the link. If you're able to do it from multiple IP addresses, note that in your comment. One entry per click, per day (per IP). The "day" starts over at midnight US Mountain Time.

3) The contest runs until 10 AM Eastern Time (or 8 AM Mountain Time) on Saturday, April 10.

4) Earn an extra 5 entries by posting on your blog about this contest and linking back here. Post a comment saying that you did this.

That's it! Thanks for the help!

This contest is over; thanks for participating!


Saintel said...

You have been helped.

Annette said...

I can promise 5 clicks/day.

Obviously, I have *way* too many computers at my disposal each day....

Jean in Georgia said...

Hmmm. It let me clicky twice after entering in my DOB both times. Either it loves me, or it's whacked out by my Mac.

Belinda said...

I clicked as well. And I think I may need to get that expansion for my DH - he's in the middle of that game right now.

woobie said...

I clicked.

Unknown said...

clicky clicky

stitchkat said...

You're offering some fabulous prize choices, Heather! I clicked.

Xine said...

I clicked, and will try to do so each day.

Katri said...

I clicked once and can do another click when I get home.

Annette said...

Two clicks so far today.. will get in three more before midnight (one being from Kylie)

Katri said...

Another click, from home computer this time. I can probably click one more time on Saturday :-)

Xine said...

Clicked again today.

Unknown said...

Clicked 4 U

Xine said...

And clicked again today.

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