Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lottlympiad, Week 1

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Bob: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to our first Winter Lottlympiad update! Jim is back with me this year, and, Jim, can you believe a week has gone by already?

Jim: No, Bob, I can't. But then, there hasn't been a lot of action around the Lottloft. SMH!

Bob: Uh...right. Not a lot of activity. Why is that, Jim?

Jim: Well, Bob, it was a stunning combination of post-work obligations, illness, fatigue, and decreased event numbers.

Bob: Yes, there are definitely fewer events in the Winter, Jim.

Jim: And, therefore, less time for competing at the Lottloft.

Bob: But we do have some good news, coming to us from the Hatpipe. Let's go out to Pat and Todd at Cyprus Mountain.

Pat: Thank you, Bob. I'm happy to announce that we have a Bronze medal performance in the Hatpipe!

Todd: Pat, it was a smokin' performance. Our knitter really threw down on the herringbone stitch there on the band.

Pat: There you have it, Bob, a Bronze in Hatpipe!

Bob: Thank you, Pat. Jim, what do you think, will we see a Silver coming up soon?

Jim: ...

Bob: Uh, Jim?

Jim: Oh, sorry, Bob, I was just checking the latest blog entries. It seems that there's been some progress in Figure Stitching. Dick is joining us to give his input on the situation.

Bob: Good evening, Dick. What can you tell us about Figure Stitching?

Dick: Well, Bob, I just have to say that this is a very deep field we're looking at. But I think that style and finesse are going to win out.

Bob: Let's take a look.

Bob: That's impressive; but still not a medal performance.

Dick: That's true, Bob. Things are very close right now, but we've had some triples turn into doubles, so the program had to be reworked.

Bob: Ah. A few pre-performance adjustments on the program to take better advantage of unique abilities and edge out other competitors.

Dick: No, Bob, what I'm saying is that triples were called for and doubles were done instead, so that threw off other elements...

Bob: Wait. Shouldn't we be talking about quads rather than doubles and triples?

Dick: Well, quads do help, but what I mean is that where there were supposed to be triples, there were doubles, so there was some...uh...rework.

Bob: Oh, I get it. You mean the program had to be rearranged so that jumps were moved into the bonus portion of the program in order to get more points, and--

Dick: Bob. Our Lottlymplete misread the chart and had to frog.

Bob: Oh. Well...Jim, can you wrap things up for us?

Jim: Have some pancakes with maple syrup, Bob! We are in Canada!

One out of four ain't bad...OK, maybe it is.


Shanta Hayes said...

So glad to see a post. You've been MIA for awhile. I hope you're feeling better and work has lightened up a bit :)

Jill said...

Wow, the medal count is surprisingly low for this stage of the competition. The Lottlymplete really needs to step up her game! I know that she has it in her, she just needs to dig deep and accomplish those things that aren't normal outside of the Lottlympics.

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