Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Heather is...

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Tintocktap had a cool meme on her blog that she translated from another blog.

Do this: Google your name plus "is" in quotation marks. ("Heather is" for me.) Copy the first five matches that have sentences containing "Heather is ...." and upload them to your blog.


  • Far from a low-lying, dense shrub that excels in harsh environments, Heather is actually quite tall and brainy. Tall=only in Japan. Brainy=yes.
  • In Scotland, heather is said to be stained with the blood of clan wars... Yikes!!

  • Heather is a beautiful woman that has entertained us for decades, thankfully she is okay. You're too kind. And yes, I am OK.

  • Heather is an important food source for various sheep and deer which can graze the tips of the plants when snow covers low growing vegetation. um...yeah

Bonus round:
  • Aside from managing a talented team of staffing professionals, Heather is probably best known as a blogger. Google irony

  • The roses would drop their petals and be dead in a day; but the heather is a thing that endures. Poetry. Not usually associated with me.

  • Heather is 'The Queen of Calm'... Bwahahahahahaaaa!!! <wipes eyes>

These come as no big surprise; when I was a kid I was constantly searching for one of those bookmarks that have the meaning of your name that didn't say "a flower". I love my name, but I've always envied those whose names "mean" something. For instance, Michael means "one who is like God". COOL! Anyway, the only one I've ever found that didn't say "a flower" was one, which I really should have bought, which said, "Cover of Beauty". LOL!! <wipes eyes again>

Heather is amused.

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Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

That's funny!

My name also means a flower ("lilly"). I didn't mind too much because my maiden name translated to "the fields", so when you combined them, it actually meant something.

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