Thursday, April 2, 2009


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The crack scarf, she is finished! I'm so blissfully happy with the pretty, pretty colors.
I cannot explain how beautifully it blocked. Well, let me try. While I was knitting, I worried a bit that the scarf would be kind of scratchy, and that the slipped stitch edges would stick out too much, or look too holey, and that the varying yarn thickness would make the scarf look semi-transparent in places, or at least thin-feeling. I wet the scarf and laid it out on a towel, and all those problems were solved!! It's now so soft and floppy. ...and the back side of yarn...
I pretty much finished these socks in the car on the trip to Orlando, I just didn't have the directions for EZ's sewn cast-off with me (duh, I know they're super-easy, but I'd only done it once before).
I also finally finished the first ornament (of FOUR!) for the exchange in July (yikes! I need to get going!) It only took me so long because the dark fabric is nearly impossible to stitch on with my current lighting scheme at night while watching TV (which is practically the only time I can stitch). That's also why there seems to be a whole lot more knitting going on than my usual stitching/knitting mix. I spent an excessive amount of time on the back personalization! I do like how it turned out, although I might have done the gold accents on my initials differently. This is the Cindy Valentine Designs ornament from the JCS 2008 Ornament Issue. I emailed her about the finishing instructions in the mag (they're a little vague!!) and she emailed me right back with things beautifully explained! She was so gracious to help me out! The personalization is stitched with a Victoria Clayton mystery silk and Kreinik #4 braid in 002HL using a couple alphabets from an Omnibook.

Well, at least knitting is happening!


Ina said...

Gorgeous work, Heather! I especially love all the colors in the scarf!

Karoline said...

Lovely scarf and socks, congratulations

TeresaB said...

Oh, I love the crack scarf! I'm thinking I need to cast mine on, but then again I have a few things that need to come off the needles first! And the orny is lovely. (which reminds me I need to get on that too while I'm waiting for the next job!)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Heather, that scarf is just stunning, and the colours scrumptious! Can I have it????

Your ornament is just lovely!

Nima said...

wow...the scarf looks gorgeous...beautiful colour

your ornament finish also looks pretty

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