Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shipping at the speed of light

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So. I'm in major love with Jeanie. You might even say I dream of Jeanie. You might, but I'm not going to. It not only has cables...they're reversible. They're not only reversible, they're floating. It's knit in Dream in Color Smooshy. I found the perfect color: Deep Sea Flower. I had it all picked out an on my Loopy Ewe wishlist. How could it have been any more perfect??

Then...THEN! Then Dream in Color came out with STARRY. Smooshy with sparklie silver threads in it!! Even mo' perfect.

I have been waiting since I got my Christmas money from my mom to purchase some Starry yarn. I've been checking The Loopy Ewe nearly every day. Finally, last week, it was IN STOCK! Clik, CLICK, CLICK, darn it!!! Ah. I got it. That was on a Thursday morning.

By Thursday evening, I got an email that it had been shipped!

Saturday at NOON, I got this: OoooOOoooo...shiny!

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe does not mess around!

In other birthday money expenditure news, I bring you Just Nan's Floral Fifteen (courtesy of Drema at Needlecraft Corner...also a very speedy shipper)... ...with the silks. They are sooo pretty, and I never would have gotten them if it wasn't a present. I'm going to just love stitching with them. You should see the "buttons" in person. They are this semi-transparent opalescent glass...not plain ol' mother of pearl like they looked in the picture. And the beads are beautiful...very sparkly hex cuts and rocailles that have wee green stripes on them.

And, of course, when I saw these squirrels, they had to jump in the package as well:

Happy Birthday to me...or, Merry Christmas to me...whatever. Stash is accepted for any occasion. =)


Anonymous said...

All the new stash is lovely but I especially love that sparkly smooshy. Nice!

Karin said...

Fantastic stash additions, Heather! Love the sparkly yarn.

Jean in Georgia said...

Ooooh! Didn't see the squirrels... Got the Floral Fifteen myself but decided to go with DMCs... I'll covet your silks from afar. :)

StitchinKat said...

Oooh! Nice b'day stash acquisitions! Love the yummy yarn! I got the biscornu chart etc earlier this month, but not the silks, alas! Going to 'Canes vs Penguins for my birthday on the 4th, cause I already have more stash than 10 lifetimes...can't wait to see what you knit with that delicious blue yarn!

TeresaB said...

Great stash enhancement! Smooshy with sparklies, tres kewl!

Karoline said...

Nice stash :)

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