Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ears to You

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A while ago, I promised that I'd post instructions for how I did the ears on Jill's koala when I found them. Well, I didn't find them. But Michael did. Somehow he knew that random piece of paper with my scribblings on it was important (or it could be the 12 years of abuse whenever he throws away anything that I even remotely wanted that has him trained to confirm all discards...poor guy). So here you go!

Jill's koala

RLnc = right-leaning increase...I used Cat Bordhi's "RaLink" from New Pathways for Sock Knitters
kbf = knit in the BACK, then the front

CO4 sts in cream
Row 1: P all sts
Row 2: K, RLnc to last st, K (6 sts total)
Row 3: P all sts
Row 4: K, RLnc to last st, K (10 sts total)
switch to gray
Row 5: P all sts
Row 6: k, kbf to last st, k (18 sts total)
Row 7: P all sts
Row 8: BO all sts, but DO NOT break yarn
Row 9: Now, pick up & knit in back of each st of BO edge (so that you have a "ridge" on the RS).
Row 10: k all sts
Row 11: p, p2tog to last st, p
Row 12: k all sts
Row 13: p, p2tog to last st, p
Row 14: k all sts
Row 15: p, p2tog to last st, p
BO all sts

They're also on my Ravlery project page, along with the link to the entire pattern, which is not mine...I just redid the ears because the originals didn't make sense to me and seemed to be "one-sided."

If you're not a knitter, ignore me! probably already did.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...those ears would take about 35 seconds in crochet...


Of course, they wouldn't match, because the stitches wouldn't look knit...details, schmetails!

(Ignore me! I can't resist a good ribbing now and then. Ooh, I made a pun! Ribbing! Ha!)

(I repeat: Ignore me! I think I'm getting punchy with the move approaching.)

Pixie said...

They are precious! I think I have to try these soon!

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