Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mail Call

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Look what the mailman stuffed through our slot Monday (and I do mean stuffed): This is my first order ever from Dizzy Sheep (woot for knitters). I ordered it Friday, and it looks like they're in NY, but that's still fast (even for Priority Mail). The yarn is Jasper from Berrocco in Mochica Blue...I am knitting a scarf with it (in a different color), and it is wonderful, squishy stuff. I'm totally in love with the colors, and there was enough of this one to knit Aamu, which I already have the pattern for (I was doing a rather desperate media/Ravelry search when I saw this yarn up). I was sorely tempted to also get more of the color of the scarf...but I resisted. At least there was some self-restraint! When I told Michael I ordered yarn, he said something about the stash diet. Dude, that was for a YEAR! I'm not made of asbestos, LOL!

Our Christmas present from the in-laws also came (our fault for ordering late; not theirs). These are Motawi tiles. We saw them when we were in Chicago, and fell in love. The colors are way richer than they look here. We still have to decide exactly where they'll hang.

And finally, this little gem showed up in a wee brown paper envelope... How cute! And from my favorite store (Anthropologie). 15% ain't much, but at that store it's probably the difference between "WHOAHHHH!" and "OK, it's my birthday after all...." =)

...more to come...says my credit card...


Unknown said...

Beautiful new things!!!!Tiles are gorgeous!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Those tiles are gorgeous, Heather! Where did you see them in Chicago, if I may enquire?

Love the yarn!

Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

The yarn looks fabulous - though selfishly I'm curious what your Jared Flood scarf is looking like... And the tiles are beautiful - that's a fantastic gift. Happy Birthday month to you!

StitchinKat said...

Nice yarn Heather! Love the color, even if I'm an indifferent knitter. I REALLY love the tiles, especially the peacock blue colors!
Tell DH the stash diet is over, cause you need to stimulate the needlework economy! (Have you seen the offerings from Market? WOW!)

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