Sunday, March 9, 2008


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I did do some more work on Astrid Friday morning. It now looks like something (we have a title!), although I'm not sure what:

That night, some friends invited us out for dinner to a new place by their house. What kind of food do they serve? Don't know; never been there. What's the name of the place? Don't know...we've just driven by and it looks cool. Sounds great!! Sicne the backup plan was a place that (allegedly) serves great shrimp & grits, I wasn't too worried. I needn't have worried at all; the food was more than palatable. Our appetizer? Chocolate chicken wings. You read me right. We had to try them, I mean, come on! Since we're all fans of a good mole sauce--not to mention chocolate itself--we weren't sure how it could possibly go wrong. It didn't. They were incredible, and incredibly spicy. We all agreed that two apiece was plenty, unless we were provided with several vats of water as an accompaniment. I can't wait to go back and have them again. The rest of our meal was great as well. I'll let you discover the yummy for yourself at Cafe Circa. Please ignore their ridiculously cheesy taglines.

We watched just enough Eli Stone when we got home for me to do a few rows on the Fountain Foxglove socks. They are much less bright than this picture implies:

Saturday I found some fabric in my stash that will work for Shakespeare's Garden, so I'm going to start that Tuesday night at stitch group! That night we went to a birthday party and then went out afterwards for sushi with DFs Andy and Jill to a new place called Kuroshio (in Kennesaw, if you're local). They had a great array of creative rolls, a la carte yakitori and tempura, as well as a variety of cooked dishes. The rolls we tried were awesome, even without the help of our Serbian waiter, who, when we asked if they had bento boxes, responded, "I've never heard of those." (!!) When we got home, we continued the theme by watching Ping Pong, which I highly recommend. Since we were dealnig with subtitles, the most I could manage was a few rounds on Tubey. Tonight, I'm planning to work on Autumn Jewels. Right after I spread some carnage in Halo 3. =)

March Madness marches on (groan!)

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Karin said...

Great start on the knitting, can't wait to see more progress.

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