Thursday, March 20, 2008

Disney Dump

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Some time ago, I was giving the blow by blow of our trip to Disney wayyyy back in November. Well, I will spare you the gory details of the rest of the days, but there were a few pictures I wanted to share.

Here's an actual successful attempt at Kinnearing!
Yes, that is a parent in a U(sic)GA shirt with his kid in a Goofy hat. Those of you who live in Georgia or play U(sic)GA in any sort of sports will understand why that's so very, very funny.

Getting stuck on It's a Small World for half an hour is something no one wants...unless you're my husband. He had a fabulous time identifying where each and every kid in the "white room" hailed from. I tried and failed to count the points on the temari the Japanese kid was holding. We had to climb off the boat at the end while a cast member held it close to the "bank" with a stick. This is what the ride control booth looked like:
That's one of those "you know you're in trouble when" pictures. As we were leaving, with our four "front of the line" passes (to which we put good use), Michael said to one of the guys in the booth, "I know other people are upset, but for this guest, getting stuck was a Dream in a Million!" They all laughed heartily.

I do have to mention Fabulous Cast Member #3 at the Haunted Mansion. We lingered in the Stretching Room until all the other guests had left, because they have upgraded the soundtrack in there. At the end, the gargoyles whisper things.... One of the cast members noticed this, and so as our Doom Buggy was about to leave the boarding area, he hopped on the side, held his finger to his lips, and said, "Shhhh...." Then he used his flashlight to give us a glimpse of the original portraits from the hallway in the ride, now hung in the "foyer" (the first room you go through). How cool was that??

Remember the Foreshadowing? I did end up getting a sinus infection, and we decided to pony up the change for a doctor. Once I had some antibiotics, I felt much better, and was never as tired as this poor child:
Dude, that's half-past nap time for sure!

To close, let me give you the final results of this trip's Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin contest between Michael and I (which isn't really a contest, of course. Unless I win.) Michael chips away at my lead!

But I dash his hopes immediately...

A brief interlude while I show you one of my favorite things about EPCOT:

And now, the finals! Winner takes all! (Or, more accurately, nothing but bragging rights...). And I've got 'em baby! I've got two words for you:

Michael collapses in defeat:
I feel I must be fair to mention that my Space Ace was only made possible by the fact that we got stuck on the ride at some point for a minute or two. Of course, Michael may not want me to mention that near his score.... =)

That's all folks! Until our next picture-laden trip...see you real soon!

I finally finished blogging the Disney trip...does this mean it's time to go back now?? If you're cravin' more Disney, especially the Most Awesome Pirates of the Caribbean Pictures Ever, head to Erin's blog....


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures!!

I've just resigned from my job, and have given myself a 5 day break before starting my new job, and was giving some serious thought of going to Disney BY MYSELF just because I could. However, common sense stepped in, and I think I'll wait until I can take DS with me.

TeresaB said...

Oh, I love that you got to see the old portraits. That was very cool!

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