Sunday, February 3, 2008

Knit happens

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Sorry for no real-time blogging yesterday, but there was too much shopping knitting going on. Saturday morning, after a fabulous breakfast, our first class was with Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, for which we had done homework. It was an interesting pattern, although I didn't pick up any technique tips, since she says she worries very little about technique, and we should knit the way that makes us happy. One thing that made me happy was the way the colors in my Noro were happening:

After class we got a two-hour break. That was not nearly enough time to do this cute town justice.

Especially not when we had a fist full of coupons from lots of the local merchants. We did manage to score a few things, though. To the left is why we were late for the afternoon Intarsia class. Jill's having a cool square one custom-made with hydrangeas. No coupons for this one, so we dashed out after the intarsia class. (I have nothing to show from that class; I gave up on it halfway through and actually learned more from the fair isle teacher, Verian, who was sitting beside us. She has incredible designs and brought some amazing sweaters she'd knit. I might actually be able to do fair isle if I was sitting by myself in a quiet room with calming music playing.) Since I'm on that annoying stash diet, I spent some cash on exotic foodstuffs instead. OK, maybe not "exotic", but defnitely super-yummy. We saw a lot of gorgeous jewelry, but it was all super-pricey...though I might have gone back for a really cool lampworked seahorse if I'd only had a coupon!! We were almost on time for the Medallion Capelet class. I told the teacher that I was going to magic loop it rather than use DPNs. She was concerned at first, since she had never done the technique herself, but I basically absolved her of responsibility for me. I ended up with a decent amount done...

Please notice the fabulous upholstery on the sofa in the breakfast room.

After class, Jill and I ran to the knit shop, where I scored some beautiful Lantern Moon rosewood needles and a cool Brittany turned crochet hook (remember, needles are excluded from the stash diet. ;) ) Jill bought some gorgeous yarn, which I'm sure you'll see soon on her blog. From there we went to dinner at Madison's.




The night ended with a pajama party in the breakfast room, with lots of different yarns and WIPs to peruse.

The next morning, we had a class with Cornelia. She showed a bunch of her designs that use the same basic stitch pattern and talked about her design technique. She gave us a purse pattern to work on with the yarn we brought:

I got one section done, but realized I wouldn't have enough yarn to complete the purse, so I'll start it over later. The coolest part of the class was that Cornelia let us try on some of her stuff!!

After I tried this one on, one of the ladies nearby said, "That looks great on you! You have to knit it tonight!" LOL! Another lady tried it on after me. When they told her it looked good, she said, "Is it too young for me? I thought after I saw Heather try it on..." I walked over and told her that I hoped it wasn't too young for her, because if I knit it, I'd be wearing it for the rest of my life!!!
I also liked this one, even though it was orange...

I couldn't help the pose. =)

I wodner how many times that's been used as a blog post title?


Jean in Georgia said...

Did I not tell you of the fabulousness of Highlands?? :) Glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see all your stuff in person!

Jill said...

Heather must've picked up the local spelling and grammar for her JiffNotes! LOL!

geeky Heather said...

Stinkin' USB keyboard. It doesn't type as fast as I do. =)

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