Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Searching for answers...

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I have my blog registered with BlogPatrol, which gives me cool blog stats, such as how many people per day visit, where they're located (the country, not GPS coordinates...stop being so paranoid!), how much time they spend here (usually one page hit is enough to chase them off =) and how they came to be at my blog. Most people get here by bookmark or typing in the URL (thank you, loyal readers, all six of you). Some get here by bloglines or their own blogrolls (or by clicking on someone else's blogroll...I have no way of knowing which). The fun ones are the people that get here through searches (usually Google). I love seeing the random ways people show up here, but I feel sad when they're searching for answers and leave empty-handed. I wish there was some way I could track them down and say, "Hey, I'm sorry that blog post was a colossal waste of your time, but here's what you were really looking for!" Sadly, I cannot. Or, maybe I could, but I wouldn't want to scare them by coming off all Big Brother-ish.

Here are some of the last 10 searches I saw, and, just in the off-chance that they search, search again, some answers:

  • spanish word for corn, maĆ­z, pronunciation

    Well, I think they found what they were looking for, actually.

  • kiefer sutherland can't pronounce nuclear

    No, he most certainly can't. This wasn't really a question, but maybe they feel better with some commiseration.

  • geek knit bracelet

    I'm not sure what they were looking for, but I'd love to know. Leave me a comment if you find it!!

  • when is bellsouth going to have 6.0 at my address

    You can check whether or not they have it at their website, but that won't tell you when you'll get it.

  • easy pattern for knitted cable bag

    Again, not sure which one you were looking for, but I love this one. You buy a small canvas bag to line it, and you just turn it inside out and baste it in place. Even I, sewing-challenged as I am, can handle it.
    I also love the one I made up, but it's not "easy".

  • how to cool aretha pancakes

    Well, I know how you got here, but that's not what you want to know. You want to know how to make those awesome pancakes. Well, first you're going to need a pancake ring. That's the real trick. I couldn't find them in the large size they used, but that's probably a good thing. =) Then, you just need to head over to Aretha's and order some pancake mix. Or experiment with your own.

  • retinologist or opthamologist

  • clear bumps on the cornea

    These both came from my mentioning my Thygeson's, I'm sure. There was also a past search on "how do I know if I have Thygeson's?" Well, I can answer that one easily. You know how when you get out of a swimming pool after swimming for a long, long time, you can see halos around lights? That's what having Thygeson's looks like all the time. It's most noticable at night, of course. During the day, you may just be experiencing some overall blurriness or "mistiness" (like you're looking at everything through a mist). You might also be a little sensitive to very bright light. Go see an opthamologist, not an optometrist. The optometrist will likely give you a stronger prescription or maybe some steroid drops, but that will only be a temporary fix. The stronger prescription isn't really fixing the problem, just messing with your perception of the symptoms. And it's not great for your eyes to stay on steroid drops for a long period of time. Sure, they may shrink the lesions that are impeding your vision, but you really need to be under the care of an eye professional that knows what he or she is dealing with.

  • eric nylund

    You got here because of my reading list to the right. What did you want to know? Well, he's a great sci-fi author from what I've read...the Halo books are excellent...head over to Amazon and get 'em!

  • geek insults

    Not sure if you were looking to insult a geek or just hear how geeks insult each other, but perhaps you were at least entertained if not informed.

That about wraps it up for now. If I get some interesting search hits in the future, I may post those. And, hey, I'm always open to comments that are questions!

People search, they come to my blog, and I provide no helpful information!! Let's fix that.


Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

(thank you, loyal readers, all six of you).

Raises hand! That would be me! I have you in my blogroll, but I've recently switched to google reader, which makes it easier to keep track of when someone updates their blog. :)

Jill said...

I'm glad to know that you have heard of and read the Halo books...I saw them at Borders and meant to tell you about them! That was probably one of the weeks when you had blown us at stitchgroup off for some other geeky pursuit!

Jean in Georgia said...

ok, I hit your blog frequently just in search of something new to read... so if you see a lot of hits from Kennesaw, pay no mind to them. :)

Studio Refuge Photography Blog said...

I like bullet points also.

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