Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pink sucks!

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OK, I really want the hand-held one, and DH even more so, and I don't need a vacuum cleaner (all hardwoods, baby). So if I win, contact me and I'll trade you the pretty pink one for a hand-held. =)

Pink Dyson Vaccuum Giveaway by the Domestic Diva

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, people!! And the only thing that sucks more than a Dyson is cancer!


Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I could totally use a new vacuum cleaner, and a pink one sounds divine. Deal!

Jill said...

I use my vacuum cleaner on the hard woods all of the time (it has a very useful Hardwood Floor setting)!!! Don't underestimate the power of the suck! :-)

Anonymous said...

I really need a new vac! And I have wood floors too. ummm I might consider trading my stash for it...mmmmaybe not. How about my Mary Kay?

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