Thursday, July 5, 2007

The rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting

'Twas the night of July Fourth, and all through the Park
The people were waiting for it to get dark.
The blankets were spread on the ground everywhere
With a light breeze blowing, we hadn't a care.

There were picnics and lawn chairs and revelers en masse
DH and I wandered down and just sat on the grass.
Free gelato in hand, from our local shop Charm
We had no idea there'd be cause for alarm.

When up in the sky, we saw a big flash:
The fireworks had started with a bang and a crash!
The rockets, how they twinkled! The fountains, how pretty!
Roman candles on building tops...only in the city!

As we watched gorgeous starbursts, we started to wheeze,
and we saw sparks float towards us (remember that breeze?)
When what in our bedazzled eyes should fall,
but debris raining down on one and on all.

Like bright lights that above a campfire swirl
And fly upward towards heaven, and through the flames twirl,
So some sparkles dropped down, really just a few
Most burning out quickly, but some hitting, too.

And then in a twinkling, I heard someone cuss;
A live spark had hit the guy behind us.
The smoke, it encircled our heads like a cloud,
While the salutes continued, frequent and loud.

I felt a sharp pain, and what did I see?
Something was glowing, and it was!
I spoke just one word, "Ow, ow, ow, ow, OWWWW!"
As I patted and brushed and shouted out loud:

"On my shirt! Hey, DH! I think I'm on fire!
Now my leg! Get it off me! It burns like a pyre!"
My thigh was all covered with ashes and soot*
To find something cold, we set off on foot.

Thank God for the employees of The World of Coke,
Giving away free Diet...25th joke!
So a cold can to my leg, I waddled home like a duck,
Thinking if it's not raining water, it's fire--what luck!

*Not to worry...the biggest burn is only about 1/2 a pencil top eraser in size


Jean in Georgia said...

Didn't I tell you being downtown on a holiday was dangerous?!? Glad you weren't hurt badly!!!

TeresaB said...

This is not the time to be practicing your burning spells without knowing the spells to put them out! Glad you weren't hurt badly either.

(PS - 1 week until my vacation, which also means a week until something else that we aren't going to think about right now!)

Erin (moviemuse) said...

ROTFL! Gracious, woman, how long did that take you? Either it all came tumbling out in just a few minutes, or you've been working on it all day! LOL That is really really great, Heather. I'm just sorry for the cirumstances inspiring such creativity. I've been in the debris path of fireworks before, but never when it was still burning, ouch!

Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL! Glad you were not overly damaged, but that was sure funny to read! You'd think in Atlanta they'd be more careful playing with fire! Gone with the wind and blowing your way....ouch!

Anonymous said...

I always knew you had a little free-stylin' rapper in you, Heather.

Anonymous said...

geezy, even the thought of missing this!! argh!

oh well, you might have wanted to miss the actual firework debris, but without that no super cool poem.. think about that! :P

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