Sunday, July 15, 2007

Loft Update

A brief update on the loft...we were supposed to close Wednesday, but the appraiser didn't do his job on time, and the title did not clear because the architects had not split the property (there is another town house attached to ours), so the construction loan is encumbering both pieces of property. We're hopeful we can close this week (like Thursday). But it's a little scary, since there is a leak from the other town house when it rains. It looks like water is coming in their front door, then flowing all the way over to our garage.... I want that fixed, like, yesterday! We were able to have the Harry Potter party there, though. I hope to find time this week to blog about that! It was awesome!!


Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Sending positive vibes that you close this week!

Jean in Georgia said...

It's always something.... hoping it all gets cleared up! (and at least it rained this week so you knew about the leak *before* closing)

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