Friday, April 13, 2018

The Actual End of the Madness

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To start off the final week of March Madness, I drew the ever-popular blank slip of paper, which lets me stitch on anything I want! However, because I was feeling brain dead, I asked Michael what I should stitch. His reply was, "America!" LOL! "OK," I said immediately, "upstairs America or downstairs America?" Which completely makes sense because I have a sort of split stash right now; part is upstairs and part is downstairs. He chose upstairs.
This is an Attic silk conversion of In Full Glory by Blackbird Designs on some teensy count of fabric.

March 26th brought us back to Moss Creek, where I did some chain stitch borders.
Wow, I have a lot of Moss Creek projects in progress!

The next day I didn't actually work on a project. I lost heart because this chosen piece of knitting had been nibbled by moths a couple places, despite the cedar wood I keep with it!
This was a class I took with Cornelia Hamilton, and although I love the colors (I have several skeins of Noro I'm rotating among), it seems like a weird size to me. Too wide to be a scarf and too narrow to be a shawl (the kacha counter is for scale). Maybe if I felted it when it was done? It's pretty tightly knit, though, so I'm not sure it would shrink much. Not knowing what to do with this is not making me excited to work on it. And I just couldn't face trying to fix those holes!

The next day we were back to hardanger!
This is another project I should really finish....

Next it was Christmas in...April with Victoria Sampler's Heirloom Christmas Sampler.

On Good Friday, I was too exhausted to stitch at the end of the day, so I took a break. The final day of March Madness, the SCOD once again coughed up a blank slip of paper! What a finale!! And what did I choose to stitch? Prancer!

I have decided to make Prancer a WIP Wednesday project to take a break once a week from the breakneck speed knitting I'm going to have to do to finish Loopy Academy Senior Year. I am looking at the projects I chose and saying, "WHAT WAS I THINKING??!?!!!"

So there it is, folks, the final March Madness post. What do you think...could you do this for a month? I think I need to do some mad weekends every now and then. The SCOD gets really lonely between Marches.

I really think I should get a prize for not starting anything new when the Sparkly Compote of Decree gave me not one but TWO blank slips of paper AND a project I'd already completed. I am a paragon of virtue, I tell you (says the woman with too many WIPs to count).


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You did save some gorgeous projects to the end! Love the Moss Creek, the Hardanger and the wonderful tree. And Prancer to round it all off.

I'm doing 31 Just Nan small starts for Maynia this year, care to join me?

Julie said...

Stunning hardanger and i am quite partial to the Christmas tree too.

Brigitte said...

This madness month ended with some wonderful projects. And I hope that you can still save your knitted piece in spite of the moths trying to destroy it.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Mad Weekends sounds like a great idea! I've LOVED seeing what you've been working on and you always have such a wide variety of projects. Nicely done!

Leonore Winterer said...

More lovely projects! I hope you can get the holesi n the knitting fixed, it looks gorgeous. How wide is it, actually? Maybe you could finish it as a loop or a hooded scarf?

jocondine said...

So well done, I must say that Christmas in April tree is my favorite, so nice. xxx

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