Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Orchid Daze: Lasting Impressions - Part 2!

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Part 1 was a long time ago, and these pretty orchid pictures have been sitting around for far too long without my showing them to you!

Orchid Daze happens at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens every year starting in February. The orchid house is always fabulous, but during Orchid Daze it is simply overflowing with orchids. If you plan your trip for March, you can also enjoy Atlanta Blooms!, where thousands of tulip and daffodil bulbs are added to the Garden landscape! Although I may be very late posting this, it's not to early to plan a trip for next year. ;)

Midway through Orchid Daze, there is an orchid show, but I always forget which weekend it is! And that's why I showed up for the show with only my wide-angle lens, because I thought I was only going to the Garden to look for early bulbs.

However, we were in for some extra treats!
There were many large, beautiful displays. But even though I only had the wide-angle lens, I was more interested in getting closeups of some of the orchids I'd never seen before.

These two bulbous beauties were just fascinating, and so PERFECT.

The color on this next orchid was simply fantastic. A deep, Deep, DEEP purple that eventually made its way to black.

The next week when we went back, I wasn't going to get caught without my lens again, so I took the macro lens and my awesome new tripod! (If you remember, part 1's pictures were taken with a sub-standard tripod.) As Orchid Days goes on, they replace some of the varieties with new ones, so I was anxious to subject some new specimens to my endless adjustments. Good thing the orchids are so patient. =)

Heather asks...how close can I get?? (You can click the pictures to embiggen.)
For perspective, here's an entire spray of the above orchids...each bloom is about 3-4 inches across.

I think this orchid did a good job trying to fit in with the Surrealist theme.

Hey, look...it's more bulbous orchids like in the show!
Well, not QUITE as bulbous as the ones in the show, but still very cool.

A lot of the new orchids they added had fantastic bright, saturated colors.

Others were more subtle, but still beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed part 2!

Finally, more orchid pictures!


Beth said...

You can see why some people go nuts over orchids! So pretty. But since I tend to over-water they are NOT the plant for me!

cucki said...

So beautiful x

Ceramix said...

Simply gorgeous images!

Bea said...

Gorgeous! Knockout colours!

stitchersanon said...

Wonderful! Love the photos xx

KimM said...

What great pictures of gor-ge-ous orchids! thank you for sharing.

Julie said...

Such a stunning collection of beautiful floral pictures

Joysze said...

Oh... my...... word..... Heather!!! ...... Though, saying that would mean I need to put into words how amazing there orchids are, right? I have no words...... NO WORDS..... they're soooooooooo.... .just sooooooooo!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

Relenado Blog said...

Invite me ;)

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