Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The House That NyQuil Built

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So...yeah. I didn't mean to disappear for over a week, there, but illness has been running rampant through the Lottloft. First I was down with the start of a sinus infection, but I thought my few days of rest had me getting better. Then Michael fell to a wicked bout of bronchitis, where his fever climbed to 103 (of course, the day AFTER he went to the doctor, who told him his fever "wasn't high enough" to warrant any actual drugs). He was barely on the mend before I started a post nasal drip like a faucet, lost my voice and ended up incapacitated until...well, I'm still kind of incapacitated, but at least today, the thought of lifting the laptop onto my lap doesn't seem impossible. That's how fatigued I was...going up OR down the stairs required both hands on the handrails and a 10-minute nap. But I digress. (FINALLY, I hear you all saying!)

Before all that nonsense started, I was beginning to make some progress. I finished my sister's second mitt. You already know what it looks like, but I did want to get a good picture of the cuff before picking up the stitches for the mitt itself.
So, it's not a "good" picture, but at least you can see the design on the cuff.

I also did some work on Spring Garden Gate, while binge-watching Broadchurch in two nights. (OH MY GOSH, how great...and DISTURBING!!!...was that series??)
So happy those faux bullion knots are done now. They take FOREVER. I will hopefully do a little more work on this over the weekend when some stitching peeps are coming in town!

Before the illness set in, I was hoping to make a trip to the Gardens once the polar vortex had whirled its way out of town, so that I could play with one of my new Christmas toys...A MACRO LENS!! Instead, I shivered my way around the loft and took a few shots. Please enjoy my wonky faux bullions...they are ready for their closeup!
Hmm...or maybe not. These are definitely the best of the bunch! I'm not 100% sure I *want* to see my stitching this close, but you know you guys are going to benefit when Orchid Daze hits in just a few weeks!!

Later today...the Theme-a-licious February theme announcement!! (Unless I pass out first, in which case it will be tomorrow. =)

Sickness reigns, but things are looking up...and UP CLOSE!


SewAmy said...

Your bullion knots look great! I know they hard to get right. Not fun to make but pretty to look at.

Parsley said...

Your speciality stiches look fantastic!!!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Gosh, they sure look like "real" bullion knots to me! You're a better person than I am for tackling them. They look fantastic, as does your cuff. Hope you have a complete recovery asap!

Kerryp77 said...

gorgeous speciality stitches, looking forward to seeing the progress on this one. Get well soon too!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your faux bullion knots look wonderful and very worthy of a close up! Love the lace cuff too. I hope you both are feeling 100% soon. It sounds like you've really had it rough!

Shirlee said...

I pray both you & Michael are now on the mend! I'm still have congestion & tire easily. This "whatever it is" really hangs on! Lovely starts!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your maggots look lovely! A macro lens must be great fun to use.
Sorry you've been poorly, I've had the sore throat and snuffles too but I'm struggling on!

Val said...

Wow.....that's so close up. Closer than I've ever looked.

And now that someone mentioned maggots, that's all I can think of when I see them.

Melanie said...

Poor you. And him. That sounds awful. I hope you both get better soon. :(

Broadchurch was a wonderful surprise. I really didn't know much about it beforehand but once I started watching it, I was a goner. I finished the whole thing up in 2 days. It's AMAZING. I really can't see how they can begin to have something even approaching that quality with the US version but we'll see.

Macro is fun! I use that more than anything else but I'm hardly a good, never mind great, photographer. Heh.

Karoline said...

I hope you are starting to feel better.

Congratulations on finishing your sisters mitten and nice start on Spring Gate

Julie said...

Beautiful stitching, those little knots look so effective.
Love the lacy knitting.

DH and I went to where they filmed Broadchurch - West Bay - last year whilst on hols and walked along the beach. It was a good series wasn't it. Kept you guessing right till the end.

The Maiden said...

Great start, I too binge watched TV this week (the 3rd season of being human was much more disturbing than the last!).

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