Wednesday, July 24, 2013


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A couple of you have emailed me to make sure I'm OK since I haven't posted in a short, I am, and it's nice to be missed. =)

There are a couple reasons, but the most restricting is that our DSL is out! Our phone is, too...for OVER A WEEK NOW!!! It's a long story I don't feel like tapping out on my tablet here (my only Internet option for getting to the blog is haunting free wifi spots during the day), but in a nutshell, we're pretty sure someone hit a telephone pole!

I can get to email at work, but that's about it! And no Netflix streaming...OH, THE HUMANITY!!!

So there's your quick update; hopefully we'll be reconnected soon so I can complain about the whole thing in the colorful, overly minute detail to which you've become accustomed. :P

Bleah...that took like my whole lunch break!

DSL is out! No ETA on repair. =(


Annie said...

What a pain.. how did we live without the net? Hope they fix the problem soon.

gracie said...

I did wonder about you MIA....

Anonymous said...

sounds like a taste of the Early Middle Ages!! aaaaargh!
can't wait to read the unabridged version.
take care and try to enjoy the break from the 2Ks..
happy xxx,

Karoline said...

Ackk! I hope someone gets their arse in gear and fixes it soon.

Melanie said...

That sounds like a nightmare. No exaggeration. :(

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