Thursday, June 6, 2013


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Sorry I disappeared there for a little while! Work has been really crazy; my boss (and coding cohort) has been on vacation for the past two weeks, and so I've been trying to hold down a job and a half, at least. Last Thursday I worked until 11pm! Yikes. She gets back today, just as we are taking off for a long weekend (for our 16th anniversary!) on Amelia Island. Yeah...that would be pretty much in the path of Andrea, but we still intend to have a good time. =)

Memorial Day weekend was nice; we got to see Oblivion (great movie with some plot holes, but great plot twist and SFX), did some chores and finally got the plants out on the deck.
We're already been using some of the herbs. =)

I decided to drink from the cup of crazy and join Camp Loopy this year. I've wanted to join for the past couple years, so I finally did it. My first project will be a "basic" (and I use that term loosely) black scarf.
I did my gauge swatch and decided to go down a needle size.
This project will be christened "Cinco de Cuatro" in honor of the return of Arrested Development. =) It was going to be called "Raven Dare", since I had just finished reading The Swan House (a good read) and since I'm supposed to get it done in a month, but Arrested Development won out (plus the pattern is "Mexican Wedding").

Lots more catchup to come after we're back...hopefully I'll get some time to visit your Theme-a-licious checkins while we're gone! (Bad SAL runner!)


cucki said...

Wow so beautiful..
Big hugs x

Annette said...

I did Camp Loopy last year and had full intentions of attending again this year (ordered yarn for the first project during camp week....) but new job craziness and overwhelming lack of crafty-mojo has given me reality wake-up call. I'll be a counselor this year and cheer you on :)

Chris said...

Happy Anniversary!
Have a great weekend.
Lovely new scarf start :)

woolwoman said...

this will be my 3rd year doing Camp Loopy - glad to have you join us. Oh shoot - can't you bring Michael with you to the orange park library tomorrow and have him read a book while you stitch with duClay and meet some of the chapter members ???? It's only about 30 min from amelia to OP - wish you could - enjoy your anniversary - Mel

Karoline said...

Lovely scarf, good luck.

Happy anniversary, have a great break

Nic said...

Happy anniversary. Hope you have a terrific long weekend.
Love the look of the this scarf. Looking forward to seeing it grow

Jackie's Stitches said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you and Michael have a great getaway weekend in our neck of the woods. The weather should be beautiful - it typically is after these storms.

pinkundine said...

Your definition of basic (even used loosely) and mine are very different!

Melanie said...

That's a basic pattern? Ha! Looks like a million intricate stitches with teeny tiny yarn and needles - the exact opposite of basic. Love the name though. I did manage to binge-watch all three previous seasons of AD in the week before the new ones hit (or close enough). I'm trying not to binge watch those - am parceling them out 1-2 at a time. Not sure what I think so far though of them, they are so different from it's previous incarnation.

Marsha said...

Happy Anniversary! That is some gorgeous project!

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