Thursday, June 23, 2011

SYTYCD Top 20 the Second Reactions

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Quick thoughts from So You Think You Can Dance last the way, I have NOT forgotten about the giveaway. I promise to post winners tomorrow!

Ryan & Ricky - Ew. Over Ryan; hope Ricky sticks around.

Caitlyn & Mitchell - Mitchell's refusal to really play the bad guy left the piece looking like a mentally unstable woman whose man's doing the best he can to cope with her mood swings.

Missy & Wadi - Really impressed with Missy; though she wasn't perfect, she gave it her all. Had to watch a 2nd time to even see Wadi...result: meh. He tried.

Iveta & Nick - not the best Bollywood, but not the worst. Doesn't matter; <3 Nick. Impressive that such a tall dancer can move that fast! (Your chicken legs are OK with me, Nick! =( )

Miranda & Robert - HOLY CRAP WHERE DID MIRANDA COME FROM THAT CHEST POP, WHUT??? Robert failed to annoy me.

Clarice & Jess - Clarice did an amazing job supporting herself on Jess with no help from him and having gorgeous lines. He danced like he had a vague idea of what contemporary was supposed to look like, but his moves stopped at his phalanges. Boy can spin, but please send Jess & Ryan home so Clarice can dance with Roderick (snark).

Tadd & Jordan - Competent Viennese Waltz. Tadd's "dirty little secret" makes me want to fight Debbie Reynolds for him.

Melanie & Marko - Almost cuted out at Marko messing w/Mel's ears & her reaction. Costuming was dumb but failed to screw up fabuloso characterizations and style.

Sasha & Alexander - Mostly meh. Curious to see if lack of beard mobilizes the teenyboppers.

Ashley & Chris - <3 <3 <3 His opening move...WHAT? ...although, STUPIDEST "what America doesn't know" EVAR.

Who's with me??

I think tonight's elimination is going to be really rough. =(


Annie said...

As a tap dancer, I really would like a tap dancer to win this one day. It's just that the tappers are never good enough at all the other kinds of dance. But I was sorry to see Tadd go. Would have liked to see a few more tap solos from him.

Iveta just wasn't good enough so I was glad she's gone. I actually wonder how she could be a champion 10-dance ballroom dancer. The pros on Dancing With The Stars seem much better.

The rest all run together in my mind so far. Technique of some kind for days, but we'll have to see how they fare with all the different styles.

geeky Heather said...

I've taken some tap classes, so I KNOW how incredibly difficult the stuff Nick (Tadd's the B-Boy who did the "Vietnamese" Waltz) is doing. He's shockingly good.

I am extremely sad to see him go, and I feel robbed of seeing someone dance outside his genre in contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, etc. Ricky...meh.

I actually feel kinda ill.

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