Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Disney Dream: A Pirate's Life for Me

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Day 3 of the cruise found us at Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. This was our view from the ship while we ate breakfast.
As I've written before, this is the perfect beach stop. The food's still free, there's a free shuttle to take you to the beach, you're guaranteed a nice, clean bathroom, and everyone's friendly.

Oh yeah...and there's always a free hammock.

Since the last time we were there, the facilities have been expanded (in order to handle the larger ship). One very fun addition is the swim-up water slide platform.
Two slides: One leisurely, one VERY fast!

Here is a view of our beautiful ship.
What?? I can't hear you; there's a ship in my ear.

We started off our time at Castaway Cay by doing Yoga on the beach. I thought it would be relaxing, and parts of it were, but it was very challenging. I had to give up when we were on our backs, raising our legs in the air, and the teacher told us, "Now put your toes on the ground over your head." Yeah...not going to happen. After that, we hung out, we ate barbecue, we swam. Then it was time to go back to the ship and get ready for...

Pirates IN the Caribbean!

Pirates in the Caribbean is such a fun night. Most people get into the spirit and we make it our own personal Talk Like a Pirate Night, of course. Before dinner, we went to play pirate games (hearty pirate singing, swabbing the deck races, and doubloon tossing).

Afterwards, we headed to dinner at Animator's Palate, which was all "decked" out with pirate concept art for the occasion.

Our Caribbean menus...

Then it was time for a pirate party on deck!

What? Are those fireworks in the middle of the ocean?
Oh, yeah they are.

Then there was a stage show with great dancers...
Wait, wait...who's that front and center?? Is it...could it be...?? Yes, it is!
Captain Jack Sparrow. This guy really had Johnny Depp down, and seriously looked the part. Wish I'd been able to get a better picture, but there was lots of action going on!

Then, it was time for...
The DJ spun the tunes and we danced like crazy until it started to rain...and then everyone kept on dancing!! About the time the dancing was over, it started to POUR! The dancing was really fun, but unfortunately we completely missed the pirate buffet. =( I'm sad we missed it, because if it was as cool as last time, we really missed something.

Oh,'s not like we hadn't had enough to eat!!

Avast, me hearties! Thar be a fair wind blowing all the time at Castaway Cay!


Parsley said...

ARRRRRGH! It's a pirate life for me!

Love Capt. Jack!

Aimee said...

Okay, we just got back from Dland, and now you make me want to head back again...

woolwoman said...

Heather this looks like THE MOST awesome vacation - I love all the photos and details you provided in the last two posts - I never thought I wanted to go on a cruise ship but after seeing all the cool things they do on a Disney cruise - I might have to reconsider. AHHHH Jack Sparrow - even the stand in is hot ! Mel

Delusional Knitter said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had a really great time. I think I would have been screaming like a chick at a rock concert if I saw Jack Sparrow, LOL!! Says she who has a poster of him on her computer room wall :o)

Erin (moviemuse) said...

Did you bring your own costumes, or did Disney have some for guests to use? (Knowing you, you brought your own, but its worth asking!) Sorry I'm so behind on reading about your adventures. Ready for the next one now!

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