Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amazon April Abridgment

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Before May is over, I thought I'd give the summary of what happened (needlwork-wise) during April.

I worked on Autumn Queen. This was her before:
and after:
There really is some progress in there, somewhere. I wish I could claim most of it was Wisper, so you really can't see it, but only a very little of it is Wisper. The good news is that she is now at her full width! This gives me a teensy feeling of accomplishment. She only gets smaller from here. Huzzah for big hips! :b

On the knitting front, I did knit on Tubey, but I don't have a picture of it. I should have taken a picture of it when I tried it on (to make sure it was going to be something approaching fitting), but I was too distraught by the fact that its trip down my torso was so much shorter than I'd been hoping. It's mind-numbingly boring to work on, and it seems to take soooo long to get around each round. I know it's going to be so cute when it's done, though! I also wove in some ends, which is going to take for-freaking-ever, based on my time to get the sleeves done! I need to search online to find tutorials for weaving in ends. I know, it's basic, but I'm very technical and have all kinds of specific questions like, "How much? How far? How many stitches? Which direction??"

Branching out, here's the before and after pictures of Peacock Tapestry:
Get it? (groan!!)
This is Michael's favorite illustrative cross-stitch piece, and is his constant response whenever I ask what I should work on. That second picture was taken in the sunlight, by the way...don't fear for my fabric!

And after that pair of pear pix, here's another: (A pear, not a pair =)
It's actually the !@#$%&* pear I may have mentioned before. I love it now, and it'll be super-cute finished with its Weeks Dye Works wool backing and cute leaf. But it was dubbed "The !@#$%&* Pear" because...all that gold...! *swoon* Plus, it's on 340 count. OK, maybe it's just 40 count, but still! This was my travel project, so it has been replaced by Quaker Turtles!

Yeah, I totally had to use the thesaurus to find "abridgment"....


Jean in Georgia said...

I am in awe that you can actually see the Quaker Turtles to stitch on while traveling. I require mondo magnification to even have a chance of seeing the over one work.

Jill said...

Great minds think alike! I posted my April "Abridgment" today as well!!!

Congrats on the progress. Your April Amazonian-ness was much more productive than mine. I hope that May is better.

TeresaB said...

Great work in April! Love it all.

Anonymous said...

I can definitely see your progress on Autumn Queen! Congratulations!

Studio Refuge Photography Blog said...

Very nice stitching... What is the first one?

geeky Heather said...

julia, it's going to look like this: Autumn Queen

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