Tuesday, April 8, 2008


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I totally cheated.
I said I'd stitch or knit, every day, on at least one thing I hadn't touched yet that month before working on something I'd already worked on...'cause that's what my March Madness is about.
I made allowances for myself: "I'm too brain dead today. This is so easy and so soothing, with its easily-memorizable repeats and every-other row not even needing to count. And I'm so close, and in a few days it will be too warm to wear this."
I even, on a few days, paid some brief lipneedle-service to another project first: one length of floss, one motif, one row...and then I'd cast that project aside and take up the relaxing trek 'round the medallion.
Not that it was many days, mind you. Really, I think there were only three or four.
Then one whole Saturday where I fussed with putting the medallions together so that their swirls flowed into each other...then redoing it because they didn't quite...then staying up 'til midnight finishing the collar...
...then the next day, attaching a little more of the sides...
Who says cheaters never prosper?

Medallion Capelet, by Nicky Epstein
from Vogue Knitting Fall/Winter 2007
knit in Valley Yarns Berkshire in Blue Ming (waaaaayy brighter than it looked on my screen, but still nice)
swanky shawl pin from DF Jill (via Etsy)

This capelet was knit by an amateur in a closed environment. The knitter in no way condones cheating as a lifestyle, even if it is just cheating on your own rules. Cheating may not work out as well for you as it worked out for this knitter. You should take this as a completely isolated case where good came from a bad practice. Consult your doctor before cheating. Or, you know, your conscience. And only cheat on inanimate projects--not on tests, your taxes, or those who love you.


TeresaB said...

That's my kind of cheating! It looks lovely and the bonus is you got to wear it before summer hits! Congrats!!!

Jean in Georgia said...

I have seen the cheated piece in person and can testify to its beauty. I will also not repeat what certain people said when they found out it was finished. :) Admire my restraint.

Karoline said...

It's gorgeous Heather, congratulations

Jill said...

Apparently the blogger did not like my first comment...I'll try again. It is beautiful you (insert-insulting-name-here)! :-) And now that you're an "expert", you can guide me to finish mine!!

Studio Refuge Photography Blog said...

Thanks for all the visuals. That's amazing!

Sue in N. Va said...

It's gorgeous! Being a blue-lover, you can't go wrong with that color! ;)

Dani - tkdchick said...

That's looking cute!

Lene Andersen said...

That's lovely! And very practical. Must bookmark this entry for next winter.

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