Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Cubie is Dead...Long Live the Cubie!

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ASG was a glorious weekend, marred only by a rude reminder we were practically in the Midwest, and continual attemps to finish The Dreaded Cubie. Do you remember the Dunkin Donuts commercials from the 80s, where the hapless DD manager wakes at the crack of dawn, muttering, "...time to make the donuts..."? We see him shuffling through his morning routine, punctuated by muffled, "...the DOH-nuts...." That's the way ASG started to feel after a little while. It was my own fault; after every meal I'd look pointedly at Teresa and utter, "Cubie." Then we'd tromp up to her room, the designated ironing/assembly station, and realize there were only about five minutes before we had to be somewhere, so it really wasn't worth it, anyway. We had two big pushes; one night there was a lot of ironing and lacing going on, and Saturday night when there was a lot of cursing going on. Honestly, there really wasn't much cursing. We were doing the actual assembly then, and that stitch was so hellacious, and we were so tired, that we were incapable of forming actual words. The closest I got was saying something like, "Schwaaaaabbaneeboe...CURSE WORD!!!!"

Anyway, I finally finished it at about 11:30 on Sunday of ASG, after the farewell brunch was good and over. But I did a brief victory dance in Teresa and Jean's (or was that CJ's?) room and then packed the sucker in my carry-on bag (sans scissors, of course).

If you want to see close-ups of some of the sides, click on "The Dreaded Cubie" link above.

BTW, I'm totally counting this as part of November Fall Finishing Frenzy. Even though I finished it in October. Now go see T's lovely cubie. And T, I agree we should never do this again. Although, I may never finish anything again if we don't.

Whew, I'm glad that's done.


Jean in Georgia said...

But yet, The Dreaded Cubie is a thing of wonder and beauty to behold, especially in person. I kind of view it like sausage at this point. You just don't want to watch it being made. :)

TeresaB said...

The funny thing is, everyone who sees it thinks it's beautiful. I think in time we'll feel that way too. Long live the cubie (but never put it together again!)

Sue in N. Va said...

Your Cubie is gorgeous!! I'm with you on the finishing, though. I can always find something else to do instead!

Hugs from VA and it's MUCH easier to type here than on our 360! :)

- Sue

Carol B. said...

Heather -

Your cubie turned out great!!! You did a great job!! Aren't you pleased to have it proudly displaying in your home?? It was worth all the curse words or something like them... ;)

Carol B.

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